Jonny is a professional French Horn player who has studied at the Guildhall in London and performed all over Europe. This logo for his upcoming website is designed out of his initials JS and the French Horn itself.

Programs used: Illustrator CS6 / Photoshop CS6

Website: Under Construction


CR2 are a dance label based in Miami US and London UK they hold events as well as release albums. This poster / album art is to be feature on a new run of work over in Miami in July 2014. While not a convential logo the EQ box is going to run as an ongoing theme in other similar events.

Programs used: Illustrator CS6 / Photoshop CS6 / InDesign CS6

Website: http://www.cr2records.com/


Orca Kids Club is an after school and holiday club for youngsters in Bristol. They encourage active participation in raising money for charity for endangered Orca whales as well. As this was the central theme we wanted to keep things light and fun for kids but also show some maturity. A badge emblem was chosen for this purpose. The site was designed around the logo.

Programs used: Photoshop CS6

Website: http://orcakidsclub.co.uk/


Musicland East is an independent music shop based in Surrey. With a lot of trade coming from guitar sales and also the ease at which it sits into the site design which was built at the same time the guitar was an obvious choice to be the primary focus of the logo.

Programs used: Photoshop CS6 / Illustrator CS6

Website: http://musiclandeast.com/


A new quartet based in Cornwall, Kenwyn required a very simple word based logo to represent them, to go on sweatshirts and to brand their songbooks with. This logo combines modern and traditional elements to try and recreate what the quartet themselves do with their music.

Programs used: Illustrator CS6

Website: No Website Currently